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Hello Joe,

In a few days, we will be launching a major WayAround update – version 3.0! This version will let you add clickable hyperlinks, email addresses, and phone numbers to your WayTags.

The update we’re most excited about is the ability to write public info with our new paid service. This is intended for businesses, museums, municipal buildings, schools, universities, and others who want to provide accessible information to their employees, customers, and to the general public.

Imagine going to your local museum and scanning a WayTag to get information through your smartphone about the artwork, artist and more.

Or if you could have a WayTag on an appliance with operating instructions.

The possibilities are endless!

The app will remain free for end users. Businesses and organizations that sign up to provide public information will pay a monthly or annual software subscription fee.

As part of this release, we are upgrading the back-end database to be more robust and secure. When you download version 3.0, all of your data will be migrated to the new database. This upgrade may take a few seconds, and it cannot be undone. You shouldn’t notice any difference in how you use the app day to day, but this new database will allow us to continue to develop more powerful features.

Do you use WayAround on more than one device? If you use the same WayAround account on multiple devices, please upgrade all devices at the same time. Once you have updated one device to WayAround 3.0, all edits made using other devices that have not been upgraded will not be written or updated to your new WayAround 3.0 database.

The upgrade will be available for iOS first, and the Android update will follow shortly.

We’ll send more information soon about additional features available through WayAround 3.0.


Jessica Hipp